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A no-nonsense, self-help, DIY website building book for everyday people with realistic budgets

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Solve the 21st Century Website Puzzle

Website Stakeholders each bring a piece of the puzzle to make a picture of the website today, tomorrow and the future.

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Sync Social, Search & Site.

Coordinate social media, organic/paid search & site content publishing

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"I am the consumer of the products and services. I have needs and wants and I am seeking solutions to my problems"

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"I am a creative and make content such as text, image, video, audio. I design a user experience to deliver a message."

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"I am the owner of the website and I invest time, money and risk and seek return on investment. I want a website that is economically & socially sustainable."

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Social Media
Paid, Owned & Earned

The social media complex is increasingly important and challenging and also requires time, money and risk. A volatile environment, where trolling can spiral into negative debates or positive feedback loops can generate goodwill.

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Search Engine
Technical & Organic

Websites need to be structured according to technical and industry standards. Sites also need authentic or genuine original content which is easily found in search engines and is linked from the authorities on the wider web.

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Gaining Currency
Becoming & Remaining Current

Content of a website must be genuinely useful and add value to the citizen and the consumer. Rich inter-links get it found and consumed. Quality content created is found and shared via social, search and interlinks.

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Website Build Book. Building Websites for Everyday People on Realistic Budgets

Building a quality and sustainable website is possible and it doesn't need to break the bank, nor do you need to sharecrop the long-tail of fremium megasite.

Sync Site Content, Social & Search. Creating Virtuous Cycles.

Create compelling content on your website, promote that through social & search which can be paid ads, earned reputation or owned original content.

Site Stakeholders. Puzzle Completed.

Each Website Stakeholder brings a piece of the website puzzle to the process to complete the picture of this website version.